TestExecWin - an extension for Visual Studio 2022/2019/2017/2015

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Every time you change the startup project within your Visual Studio solution TestExecWin will automatically check if there are any test cases to run. All found test cases are presented within the TestExecWindow and can there be selected for execution.


  • support for BOOST and (proprietary) TTB testing frameworks
  • gives overview of available test suites / test cases
  • executes test cases by automatically providing suitable start arguments
  • test output is written to a special tab within Visual Studio output pane
  • allows debugging for selected test case
  • jumps to protocol file (.out file)
  • jumps to source code of selected test case
  • allows iteration over all test cases with automatic check if each test case can be run alone
  • supports batch functionality to execute an arbitrary sequence of test executables
  • optional: check for memory leaks
  • optional: automatic build before selected test is started
  • supports automatic shutdown of computer when last test has terminated
  • possibilty to dock/undock as any other VS window
  • layout may be adjusted to the needs of your project

Online documentation

PPT presentation Start powerpoint web presentation

TestExecWin online documentation:
Here you can first read detailed documentation without need for any download or installation

TestExecWin Windows help file:
Ready to use documentation with full search functionality. Before using you should download the file and copy it to a local hard drive to avoid problems with security settings. If main content is still invisible open properties window within file explorer and allow acccess to downloaded file.

TestExecWin at Visual Studio Marketplace (Version for VS 2022, version for VS 2019, version for VS 2017, version for VS 2015):
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