Batch file support

To control multiple executions of arbitrary test applications (e.g. the same test app with different start arguments or all/some test apps from your test solution) use batch file feature on tab "Test Apps":

Edit box
Basically the edit box in the middle of the screen has a simple batch syntax which can be used for manual editing:

Combobox "Test Success"
selects one of 8 predefined batch sets which are stored internally within tool settings. The name of each batch set can be changed by editing the text within the combo box (pay attention to auto switch feature of combo box when starting to edit)

Run all
Starts the execution of all entries within the batch above.

Saves the last changes to the batch above within internal storage.

Restores the batch to the state last saved to internal storage. May be useful when you want to cancel manual changes.

Empties the text field.