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 About this documentation
 Motivation and Concept
 Document Structure
 Inspect doxyfile
 How to add more info to this documentation
 How to format text
 How to establish links between pages
 Hidden page files
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 AboutDemoPage - Some other topic (groups and subgroups)
 Subtopic one (defined within same file)
 Subtopic two (defined within separate file)
 PugiXml - reading, writing, searching XML data
 C++ Example for using PugiXml
 Boost.Test combined with TTB
 C++ Example for main source file
 C++ Example for test case source file
 SimulatedObjects - implementation and control
 C++ code: Definition of base class SimulatedObjectBase
 C++ sample: Implementation of a simulated object
 C++ sample: Testcase with oERROR + AFTER_N_CALLS_ACTIVE_ONCE
 C++ sample: Testcase with oBLOCKING, oSYNC, _ContinueExecution
 C++ sample: Testcase with option values, DumpAllOptions, AutoRestoreOptions
 Test events - strategies to avoid repetition and lengthy test scripts
 TestExecWindow - browse and execute test cases
 Test fixtures - global, specific for test suite or test case, conditional
 C++ Example for simple test fixtures
 C++ Example for conditional test fixtures
 C++ header for conditional test fixtures
 C++ implementation for conditional test fixtures
 XmlCheck - checking of selected data within an xml tree
 Introduction and basic usage
 Available options for checking data
 Selecting interesting parts with XPath
 Comparing two xml data sets
 Comparing an xml tree with a pattern file
 Changing filter settings
 Apply filter to xml tree
 Dump current filter settings
 C++ Header XmlCheck.h
 C++ Example: checking an arbitrary subtree within XML data (XmlCheck::CheckNode)
 C++ Example: comparing two XML files (XmlCheck::Compare)