Common functionality for an extension project - Online help, manifest, icons


Index.html - Providing online help

This file is used to generate online help which will be available within Visual Studio under Menu "Extensions / Manage Extensions" when TestExecWin is selected within the list of tools and when you click on "First steps".

You can provide any HTML coded textual information together with embedded images. The image files should be stored within sub directory "Resources" and added as existing items to the equally named project filter.

It is required that the picture files will be included into the generated VSIX package otherwise the corresponding HTML links will fail for the installed extension. Therefore the corresponding settings of each file have to be set:

Screenshot of settingsdialog:

Manifest with key infos for the user

The generated file "source.extension.vsixmanifest" is a manifest file which contains key infos which are displayed to the user when your extension is selected under Menu "Extras / Extension and Updates" or when the user starts installation of the generated VSIX package.

Within Visual Studio an edit mask is displayed to enter relevant information:

Icons for a tool window

Within Visual Studio menu "Extras / Extension and Updates" a big icon is displayed. Use the icon Resurces/YourApp.ico as generated by the wizard. If needed adjust it to size 32 x 32 pixel to get a bigger picture.

Example TestExecWin.ico:

Within menu "View / Other windows" a smaller icon is displayed. It is taken from the most left part of the wizard generated bitmap Resources/YourAppCommand.png. Adjust this bitmap to your needs.

Example TestExecWindowCommand.png: