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Top1.1 TestToolBox

Utilities to support automatic execution and verification of (unit/module) tests

Language: VC++

Online documentation: here (slightly outdated) complete sources documentation, automatically generated from sources with DoxyGen, for reading open doc\generated\index.htm within web browser (slightly outdated)

Top1.2 HowToUse documentation

Tipps for various programming fields: PugiXml, Boost.Test and other unit test utilities

Online documentation: here documentation sources (without source code snippets)

Top1.3 AnalyzeTestCoverage

converts exported XML result data from MS TestCoverage tool to an output format which can be imported by MS Excel.

The usually extensive output from MS TestCoverage can be limited to the classes the user is interested in. With MS Excel simple sorting features are available, which allow answers to questions of the following kind

  • Which are the best/least tested classes?
  • Which are the classes with (too) many lines of code?
For usage of command line parameters call AnalyzeTestCoverage.exe with option "-?"

Language: Visual Studio C# complete sources and executable

Top1.4 CheckInclude

analyzes VC++ projects to verify that each include compiles alone, checks for unneeded includes, for usage of comandline parameters see example batch file RunCheckInclude.bat

Language: Visual Studio C# complete sources