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Simply starting a thread - std::thread

Define and run a specific thread function

Assume you have an arbitrary function to execute something:

void DoProcessSomething(int in_val)

You can execute this function within a separate thread:


std::thread t (DoSomething, 17); // immediately starts thread

// do other things while DoSomething() is executed

t.join(); // Wait until thread has finished


Termination errors


std::thread - most used features

Method Description
thread t(myFunc, args,..) start a function in a separate thread
t.join() wait until thread has finished
t.joinable() check whether t has an associated thread for which you can wait
t.get_id() unique thread id or std::thread::id() if no thread is connected

Access to current thread

If you are within an arbitrary function you always can access the current thread using this_thread::

this_thread:: Description
get_id() unique thread id of the current thread
yield() the rest of the time slice can be used to schedule an other thread
sleep_for(chrono::milliseconds(50)) sleep some time (and give other threads a chance to do something)

For more info see std::thread - complete reference at