User interface - description of control elements

Depending on your test application TestExecWin will show up similar to the following screenshot:

Upper Row: Current startup project

TestXmlCheckWithPugiXml - Debug
Name of current startup project and currently selected configuration

Checkbox "Debug"
Choose whether to start test within debugger or to execute it regularly

Run all tests; test application is started and only default args (see Extended settings - defaults args and configuration of layout) are used

Open test protocol file (assumption: YourTestApp.exe generates protocol file YourTestApp.out within target directory)

Manually refresh of all data (e.g. when you have just added new test cases to your source code)

Button "..."
Show/hide additional settings (see Extended settings - defaults args and configuration of layout)

Middle part: Test suites and test cases

The left / right list contains all BOOST test suites / test cases defined in the current startup project.

Check box "within suite"
You can decide whether to show all BOOST test cases or only those contained within the selected BOOST test suite

Colored status fields "FAILED/OK"
Execution status of the last test execution

Text field "--runTest="
Command line parameter which is automatically set when selecting one or more items within the list above. You can manually edit the parameter (e.g. for adding additional options)

Run selected
starts the test executable by using the commmand line above. You can select one or more test suites / test cases to be executed within a single call to your test executable

Run each
sequentially executes all test suites / test cases within the list above. Each list entry is executed as a separate call to your test executable. The result of each test run is displayed within log pane.

opens the corresponding source file and jumps to the selected BOOST test case. For Boost test suites within the left list the first BOOST test case within the suite will be presented.

Lower part: Log pane

Log pane containing important status messages. The test execution itself is displayed within the regular output pane of Visual Studio.

Checkbox "Shutdown"
When activated the termination of the selected tests will cause a saving of the log pane to a protocol file and a subsequent shutdown of your computer. The log file will be stored within the target directory of your startup application or (if there is no startup project selected) within the first temporary directory as found within environment variables TMP, TEMP or USERPROFILE.

Clear log
Clear entries within log pane

Copy list contents to paste buffer for later insertion as regular multiline text.

Export the list contents to a text file.